Margaritas, Tequila and Cerveza

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House Margarita  $6.00 Flavors  $6.50
The El Encanto is made with a premium blend of liquors, including Sauza Tequila. Voted Best Margarita in the Valley Strawberry Raspberry
Peach Banana
Mango Prickly Pear

Premium Tequilas
Try a shot or Build Your Own Margarita

Sauza Jose Cuervo
Blanco Gold
Gold Traditional
Commemorativo Reserva
Hornitos 1800 Anejo
Tres Generaciones 1800 Reposodo
Corazon Chinaco
Blanco Blanco
Reposado Anejo
Cazadores Del Dueno
Reposado Reserva
Casta Don Julio
Reposado Blanco
Anejo Reposado
Don Eduardo Patron
Silver Silver
Anejo Reposado
El Tesoro Herradura
Blanco Silver
Reposado Reposado
Anejo Anejo
Almendrado Tarantula
Reserva Azul
Cabo Wabo Espolon
Blanco Silver
Reposado Reposado
Anejo Anejo
Casa Noble  

Try this week's Flight for a trio sampling of one of our Tequilas!!

Tequila is derived from fermented sugars from the heart of the Blue Agave (Agave azul) plant. The heart is called the Pina and looks like a pineapple.

There are four categories of tequila defined by the aging technique used in the production of the tequila. The aging technique is also what gives tequila its color.
Un-aged tequilas are colorless unless caramel sugars have been added. All other tequilas are aged in wood barrels, which impart color.


Joven/Gold tequila is usually a tequila in which select cane sugar or caramels have been added to create a rich, tawny color. As with Blancos, Jovens are best suited to mixed drinks.

Taste: Fresh and smooth, a touch sweeter than Blanco, with interesting aromatics.


Blanco/Silver is a clear tequila that is not aged. Its fresh fruity flavor is the most direct expression of agave and makes Blanco/Silver a great choice for mixed drinks.

Taste: Clean, fresh, agave fruit with hints of citrus, pepper and spice.


Reposado or "rested" tequilas are aged in wooden tanks or barrels for about a year. They are often pale straw in color and mellower than the Silvers and Golds. They provide smooth mix ability for the more sophisticated cocktails or can be enjoyed straight.

Taste: Delicate softness with a smooth, more developed finish.


Anejo tequilas must be aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years (Sauza Anejo for a minimum of one year). It is gold to amber in color and has a soft, smooth, complex flavor brought on by its marriage with the aromatic wood. This is the tequila to sip slowly and appreciatively; just as you would a fine cognac.

Taste: Smooth and complex, with layers of caramel, spice, fruit and smoke.


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